SouthernTouch Spades

This Spades game has impressive AI and looks great on the iPad. Smooth animations and nice graphics, too.

One of the best Spades games out there. Well worth a dollar...

Great spades game. I've found that my partner doesn't have a problem making his bids (on average) as long as I don't steal his tricks. I've also noticed he does a good job covering me when I bid nil, or when I've met my blind bid. Nice background art and clear card faces, too.

Great gameplay....addicting

SouthernTouch Solitaire

All the controls are in just the right place. Nice looking graphics. Fun game.

Yay, solitaire. And it is in portrait mode.

Good solitaire game. I especially like the vertical orientation - very easy to play with one hand.

Great solitaire game. Easy to play and the statistics are nice to have.

SouthernTouch BlackJack

Great blackjack game with all the options you could want. Several background options look gorgeous on my Surface RT...

What I've been waiting for. Great Blackjack, love the options. Nice work.

I enjoy playing blackjack. Making ATM withdrawals at the casino? Not so much. I actually play this with my elementary-age kids. We turn off the "card count" labels (nice option) and practice our addition. :)

Best free blackjack. I've tried several other blackjack games and this one takes the cake. Has all the features an avid blackjack player like me wants and the game is very smooth. Looks great and plays great.

SouthernTouch Dots & Boxes

Love this game. Its a great way to pass some time.

They should rename the expert level to impossible. Still, lots of fun at the lower levels.

Great interface, easy to use. Hard to win, though. ;)

Fun app, good set of difficulties to choose from. And much, much easier to actually use than the other dots & boxes game on the phone. You have to try it to understand.

SouthernTouch Alfa Bravo

Large text boxes, easy to use. Only does one thing, but does it well.

Golf Romeo Echo Alfa Tango

SouthernTouch BurnRate

Very handy app. Allows you to enter up to 5 different rates and continues counting the cost even while you read emails. Nice odometer.

Interesting app. Not sure my boss would appreciate it.